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The Company has undergone a brand change from 1 October 2022 to align and rebrand ourselves as a company under the PARK24 GROUP of companies. The company name has been changed from Secure Parking Singapore Pte Ltd to TIMES24 SINGAPORE PTE. LTD., while the registration number, management and company structure remain the same. We have adopted the ‘Times’ logo that is standardized across the PARK24 GROUP of companies offering car park and mobility services.

This brand change signifies a renewal of our commitment to ‘make life better’ and bring greater value to our customers. Through our brand concept of Mobility Link, we aspire to be at the forefront of providing connectivity that brings people closer together and transforms places into attractive destinations to build bonds between people and places. Our innovations in car park and mobility management will enable us to maximise the profitability of our customers’ assets, take advantage of new business opportunities and create parking spaces that are safe, secure, convenient and user-friendly.

Our services will be as usual and our dedicated Times teams are ready to support our customers’ requirements.

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